Domain Basics

What is a domain name?

  • A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet, based on the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain names are used in various networking contexts and application-specific naming and addressing purposes.

How much does it cost to register a domain name?

  • The average price for a domain name is approx £7+vat for 2 years. To transfer a domain name from an existing registrant there is a fee of 10 pounds plus VAT payable to Nominet during the transfer process.

What is a generic domain name?

  • Typically a Descriptive domain name – featuring a word or word phrase combination that can not usually be trademarked on their own, ie: they are words or nouns in everyday use for products, items, services, activities, etc, and can also be categories, processes, phrases, job titles, places and dictionary words.
  • Examples include:,,,,,

Why can’t I just set up a website on Facebook or Myspace?

  • You can, and it’s encouraged if it supports a standard webstie, but in a business environment a standalone website with its own unique URL / Domain Name is the only credible way to appear online.

Why would I want to lease a domain instead of buying one?

  • Leasing is a more financially viable way of securing a premium domain. The best domains can be very expensive to buy, sometimes in their millions and unless your budgets can withstand this level of spend, buying is not a feasible option. By leasing a top level domain you will improve your search engine rankings, save money on your online marketing campaigns, help build a recognised brand and potentially secure industry leading position within months.